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Our mission is to partner with you by providing accurate and up-to-date information for all coaches of basketball teams looking to participate in quality, locally run, basketball tournaments and basketball leagues for boys and girls. With your help, we can support one another's events and increase the quality of competition in Texas. Check out our Alliance Event Calendar featuring only the most reliable, locally run tournaments in Texas. The events will not all be hosted by one organization, rather by a number of reputable basketball clubs with proven track records for hosting successful events that make. We will offer tournaments just like aau basketball, while supporting local basketball communities!

Teams from across the nation competing in Round Rock, TX

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Improving Quality

Register for tournaments already knowing the divisions will make. Feel safe knowing your team will play on good courts and in quality facilities. Get to play different teams from all over!

TXBA Event Calendar

Our Priority Calendar will feature and promote quality events run by trusted Alliance members who do things the right way. Events will have consistent rules and will maintain fairness and integrity by working with certified officials. 

Keeping Cash In Texas

Save money by supporting and growing locally run events, rather than sending your money to Kansas! Don't overpay for tournaments so outside companies can take huge cut for themselves.

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